Youth Mathematics Exchange 





Our aim is to cultivate a strong interest in mathematics among young people through diverse mathematical competitions and activities. By doing so, we hope to enhance their problem-solving abilities and self-confidence. We aspire to see more young people develop a love for mathematics, engage in exchanges with their peers from different countries, and utilize their mathematical knowledge to explore infinite possibilities and contribute to the world. 


What is success?


Elon Musk 

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

Who do you think is the most representative person in the world? What are their characteristics? What can we learn from them? 

你覺得世界最具代表性的人是誰? 他們有什麼特質? 我們可以在他們身上學到什麼? 

These quotes demonstrate Elon Musk's passion and perseverance in pursuing goals, inspiring others, and believing in his ability to change the world. They showcase Bill Gates' emphasis on learning, drawing lessons from failure, and insight into future change. They reflect Steve Jobs' values of innovation, passion for work, and cherishing the value of time. 

這些金句展現了 Elon Musk 對於追求目標、激勵他人和相信自己能夠改變世界的激情和堅持; Bill Gates 對於學習、從失敗中吸取教訓以及對未來變化的洞察力; Steve Jobs 對於創新、熱愛工作以及珍惜時間的價值觀。